East to west

In the midst of death, life persists,

in the midst of untruth, truth persists,

in the midst of darkness, light persists. Hence I gather that God is life, truth, light.

He is love. He is the supreme Good.

Like America, this country has been a beacon of hope.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

God truly blessed our country –

in giving us Frank Lowy.

There is orderliness in the universe,

Governing everything and every being that exists or lives.

It is not a blind law, for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings,

– even matter is life.

I am regularly challenged over the Government’s policy on the detention of boat people, which is not morally black and white.

The argument runs; How can you live with yourself as a Catholic,

when your government treats people with such cruelty.






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