Ma Ji

‘The pain of a hard goodbye is the heart’s tribute to the privilege of love.’

While I slept and drifted through other worlds,

you slipped into the next.

The heavens shook as you joined him again.


two lifetimes of pain lifted,

the tremors felt here on earth.


I can see you in the storm right now,

and will always see you in the crows.

I will miss you so much.

I love you somehow and always.

Rest In Peace.


Molly Sathyananth Vidhyaprakash

(A date she’d certainly prefer not disclose – 10/12/19.)

Friday evening thoughts

In this moment I sit. In the same way that we all sit, the way they all once sat; in a moment, of the time omnisciently hovering around earth.

How’s that bound? Visit that space, you might see God.

The gap, too. Between breath where by at least a few accounts, you’re not really alive but flickering in and out of actuality.

The infinitude of that.

Infinitude in general.

Ah shit, I’m being side-tracked. In this place of realising all this, I feel a strong obligation to answer; what will I do here, now?



What is that?

That warmth in your chest,

spreading to your stomach.

A hand lay there

to make you smile



To write without ego is to write in rainbow. Glitter.

Iridescently, vibrationally, seamlessly, flawlessly,

following ripples which themselves leak from existence.

Uno, brahma, todos.

The mountains can always reach the sun.

you already were.


Lost in people, lost in thoughts, lost in writing,

Lost in nature, lost in it,

The sea, the waves of it,

The sea,

The waves


Study yourself.  Your Akashic records.

Purging, cleansing, detox, scrub, sift.

thoughts, loves, traumas, fears.

– and you will return, squeaky clean.


They swirl as spirits, spreading, like blotted ink. When was the last time you had a day, to yourself, to watch the clouds?

Forming dragons, making hearts, your breathing breath and heartbeat slows

to the pulse of the earth, and all else does cease.


You’re angry at the world, but this is the world too.