I was walking, when I felt something behind me,

or prickling within me,

it doesn’t really matter how it’s dressed up.


But a contradiction lies here.

We must address our shortcomings,

our tensions,

and broken hearts –

to be better,


where worse doesn’t exist.


You’ll start so sure in your elevator pitch,

before realising the images are transparent.


Oddly though,  they’re no less important

– I think that’s worth trying, to never forget.


So having said that,

I’ll leave you with this.


The love in:

a candle’s soft glow,

a blanket of silence,

and hugging one’s knees,


Our tears for no one,

and then, a surrender.

to Yourself. and Them, and This,

to God,

or Love,


and then –

there’s nothing else.

Friday evening thoughts

In this moment I sit. In the same way that we all sit, the way they all once sat; in a moment, of the time omnisciently hovering around earth.

How’s that bound? Visit that space, you might see God.

The gap, too. Between breath where by at least a few accounts, you’re not really alive but flickering in and out of actuality.

The infinitude of that.

Infinitude in general.

Ah shit, I’m being side-tracked. In this place of realising all this, I feel a strong obligation to answer; what will I do here, now?